The thrill of wrestling is what drives a mass following of the game. But it is the spirited will of some wrestlers to take a gamble that delivers the thrill.


If you are a WWE fan, you probably have a preference of some players over others. You cannot deny that some wrestlers are exciting to watch every time they step into the ring. Why is this so? It is primarily because of the willingness of some wrestlers to go beyond what is on the script. Despite the outcome of the game being predetermined, there are players who execute the moves with a bit of extra zeal than normal. Here are the wrestlers who are unafraid of taking a risk:

CM Punk

As you look for the best online slot to play your favourite casino game, it is imperative to understand why CM Punk is regarded as a gambler. This guy has no shame while on the microphone. And that is not all. He is also not afraid of breaking a bone while in the ring. Winning two Money in the Bank in a row was a first that was claimed by CM Punk thanks to his willingness to take a gamble.

Chris Benoit

Mr. Chris Benoit, now a retired wrestler, evokes memories of octagon intensity during fighting. Those who knew him can attest that he was equally explosive even outside the ring. He was a top gambler and his finishing move during fighting shows this. His signature move of diving from the top aiming to headbutt an opponent was a bizarre method that highlighted his strong will to take a gamble.

Mick Foley

Talk of Mr. Mick Foley and those who knew him will tell you that he was the ultimate blend of an excellent fighter and charisma. When it came to fighting, he would take up roles that average wrestlers would never want. He was the subject of numerous beatings with a folded chair and even lost an ear at some point. Foley was also unafraid of taking a gamble on his opponents too as evidenced by his use of a barbed-wire baseball bat.

Kurt Angle

Pushing one’s body to the extremes is one of the key identifying things of Kurt Angle. What many may not know about him is that he was an Olympic Gold Winner. This should at least explain why he was such an athlete who would never shy from taking on a risky move. He would take a gamble by pulling the moonsault move which is such a dangerous undertaking. He would also put up a fight until the end without giving the opponent any leeway preventing them an easy win.

Jeff Hardy

Crushing the opponent in the most explosive way possible is what endeared Jeff Hardy to fans. His gamble is with the Spear on Edge move that he used to annihilate his opponents completely. That he jumped from a ladder made it extra risky, but this was a player who had a knack for taking unimaginable risks.


The thrill of wrestling is something that keeps fans glued to screens as they await some of the riskiest possible moves. To achieve this, the wrestlers have to go above the normal and pull moves that get fans off their seats, tense about what might happen the next moment. The above-listed players are some of those who make the cut in ring gamblers.


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