There are some sports that you just know the people who take part are fit. And not just the type of fit you get from casually working out 3+ times a week. They are the peak of fitness, and it shows.

There might be some sports that spring to mind. Boxing is demanding, and being fit, fast, and with high stamina is a must. Basketball, football, and gymnastics all have a lot of pressure put on the body.

But did you know that Wrestling is 4th on that list? Why are WWE Wrestlers so fit, and what does it take to get there?

A short history of WWE Wrestling

The WWE Wrestling phenomenon as we know it today was started in 1952 by Jess McMahon. Initially, it was called the Capitol Wrestling Corporation. His son renamed the business to the WWWF, World Wide Wrestling Federation, in 1963.

In 1979 the name was shortened once again to the WWF, World Wrestling Federation.

In 2002, after a loss to the World Wildlife Foundation, they rebranded to the WWE that we know and loved.

There have been many WWE stars that have had the extra sparkle that pulled the crowds. Even if you have never watched Wrestling, you have likely heard of Hulk Hogan, John Cena, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and the Undertake – just to name a few.

The WWE has enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity, and here are some of the indicators of that success.

  • On YouTube, WWE has 72.2 million subscribers.
  • A massive 23 million followers on Instagram
  • In 2019 they pulled in a vast 2.418 million viewers.
  • The WWE is noted as having a net worth of $5.71 billion.
  • The considerable fanbase has seen an increase in sports betting for WWE.

The fitness aspect of WWE

When you look at any WWE wrestler, you will see how fit they are, but when you delve below the surface, it’s an appetite for performance and dedication to craft too.

If you’re ready to work out like the WWE star Roman Reigns, here is what you are committing to on the second days of the week:


  • Deadlifts 4 sets 8 to 12 reps
  • Barbell Rows 3 sets 10 to 12 reps
  • Standing Cable Curls 2 sets 12 reps
  • Military Pressesup between 4 sets 10 and12 reps
  • Seated Dumbbell Presses 4 sets 10 to 12 reps
  • Front Dumbbell Presses 4 sets 10-12 reps
  • T-bar Rows 10 sets 10-12 reps
  • One-arm Dumbbell Rows 3 sets 10-12 reps
  • Barbell Curls 4 sets  12 reps
  • Seated Alternate Dumbbell Curls 2 sets  12 reps
  • Cambered-bar Preacher Curls 2 sets 12 reps

And that is just one day!

Roman trains 6 days a week; however, Saturday is dedicated to Cardio in the morning and resting for the rest of the time.

Becky Lynch tries to eat organic and as lean as possible. According to reports, Becky is able to lift over 300lbs, and her workout routine is intense.

Here is just one item from her very intense but varied workout routine. With a 20 lbs vest Becky:

  • Runs 1 mile
  • Does 100 pull-ups
  • 200 pushups
  • 300 air squats
  • Finishes with another 1-mile run

Becky trains with Seth Rollins, and they both have a similar training schedule.

If you are ready to go just about as hardcore as it comes, then Brock Lesnar is the person you should look up to for inspiration. A workout will last between 60 to 90 minutes and will include a huge array of exercises. Brock starts his training with:

  • Wrestling and Grappling – 10 minutes
  • Striking (Ground and Pound) – 25 minutes

Followed by circuit training. Take leg day for example:

  • Leg extensions 3 sets of 10
  • Leg curls 3 sets of 10
  • Smith Machine Narrow Stance Squats 4 sets of 6
  • Smith Machine Squat 4 sets of 6
  • Smith Machine Wide Stance Squat 4 sets of 6
  • Leg Press 4 sets of 6
  • Stiff Leg Deadlift 4 sets of 6

As John Cena says, train like you haven’t made it yet. According to John, the moment you think you have made it, you’re finished.

How busy are WWE stars?

Looking at the workout schedule, you might think that there is little room for anything else in the day. However, WWE stars put in all the workout time and still have a packed schedule to deal with.

They are traveling multiple nights per week to get to the next wrestling match, even more in special events. They arrive, prepare, perform, and then need to hit the road ready for the next live event.

That schedule doesn’t take into account injuries ranging from sprains to severe breaks and tears that need to be taken care of.

Working with and on the choreography ensures that their shows are incredible for fans and include some magic.

Interviews and fan meetings play a big part in WWE popularity. That is something the needs to be factored in before and after live events. Listed below is the net worth of some of the wealthiest wrestlers:

  • Vince McMahon $1.6 billion
  • The Rock, Dwayne Johnson $400 million
  • Triple H $150 million
  • John Cena $60 million
  • Stacey Keibler $25 million
  • Big Show $16 million

Although some WWE stars are making millions, it is more than the money that keeps them coming back to the ring.

WWE athletes have significant fitness levels for the love of the sport and their dedication to their fans and performance.


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